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Get to know Abbey Levine...

A vegetarian since the age of 15, Abbey Levine is 33 years old and lives in Brooklyn, NY. In college, she read Diet For A New America by John Robbins, and was shocked to discover that even dairy cows and egg-laying hens suffer on factory farms. That's when she decided to make a new commitment, and eat onlyfree-range eggs and dairy products. It's also when she began hersearch for delicious egg-free, dairy-free recipes.

In her 20's, she taught vegetarian cooking classes to newvegetarians, as well as to meat eating folks who just wanted tolose weight, or enjoy better health and fitness.

In her late 20's, Abbey explored the benefits of organic andraw foods, juicing, and cleansing. She's fallen in love withwhole foods, and has discovered how to thrive on a life-enhancingdiet -- free of refined and unhealthy ingredients -- whileenjoying an amazing variety of mouth-watering recipes. Today, herfavorite cookie recipes are made from fruits, nuts, and seeds,and she preserves their natural enzymes by "baking" the cookiesin her Excalibur dehydrator.

In 1999, Abbey started a free "recipe of the week" service.When her friends spread the word, and her list of subscribersstarted growing, she decided to design a Web site (the one you're visiting rightnow). Today, thousands of people (vegetarians and meat eatersalike) are thrilled that they made the decision to join Abbey's community.

Abbey's Vegetarian Recipes

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