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Here's The Health And Fitness SecretThe FDA Was Virtually Bribed Not To Expose! You Can Enjoy Better Health And Fitness On A Vegetarian Diet -- Here's The Proof!

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Reduce Your Risk Of Heart Attack And Stroke By 90% -- Just By Eating A Plant-Based Diet.

When a smoker dies of lung cancer, people often think, "How preventable, how stupid, if only he'd cared more for his health and fitness." Well, isn't it just as stupid to kill yourself by cutting off the flow of blood to your heart? If you eat health-depleting animal foods, that's exactly what you're doing and your odds of dying prematurely from a heart attack or stroke are worse than 50%. Why?

Animal foods don't make you healthy or fit. On the contrary, the cholesterol and saturated fats in health-depleting animal foods pour through your blood stream, clog your arteries, and severely hinder the flow of blood to your heart. (Call it "slow suicide".) Butter is 80% fat. Cheese and ice cream are 20 - 40% fat. These foods severely compromise your health and fitness.

When you prioritize your health and fitness, and stop eating animal flesh, your risk drops to just 15%. And when you stop eating all animal foods, your risk drops to less than 5% -- reducing your risk of a fatal heart disease by an incredible 90%! This is a huge step towards improving your health and fitness!

(And you'll probably lose weight, which is the first step to long-term fitness.)

Cholesterol Always Comes From Animal Foods -- Never From Plant Foods

Note: Health-giving plant foods have zero cholesterol. Cholesterol only comes from health-depleting animal foods, and egg yolks (which are meant to feed baby chicks for 21 days with no other energy) are the worst offenders. Animal foods deplete your health and fitness.

Similarly, the vast majority of unhealthy saturated fat comes from health-depleting animal flesh and dairy. (The exceptions include palm oil and coconuts!)

These are just two reasons why animal foods deplete your health and fitness, while health-giving plant foods build your health and fitness (they can halt or even reverse artery damage).

Health-Depleting Animal Foods Also Lead To Cancer

As we've explained, over 50% of all deaths in America are caused by heart attacks and stroke. Well, another 17% are caused by cancer and many of these cancers develop when you eat health-depleting animal foods. If you care about your health and fitness, this is another reason to eat vegetarian food. Animal foods deplete your health and fitness.

Men: Keep Your Prostate Healthy

If you want to stay healthy (and you want to stay sexually fit), you'll be 3.6 times less likely to die from fatal prostate cancer on a vegetarian diet (vs. eating animal foods daily). The commercials lie; animal foods deplete your health and fitness.

Women: Protect Your Breasts, Breast Milk, And Ovaries.

When you stop eating health-depleting animal flesh, you'll be 3.8 times less likely to suffer from breast cancer (vs. women who eat animal flesh daily).

When you stop eating fatty butter and cheese, your odds will drop by another 3.25 times (vs. women who eat butter and cheese 2-4 times per week.)

And when you stop eating health-depleting eggs, your risk will drop by another 2.8 times and you'll be 3 times less likely to die of fatal ovarian cancer (vs. women who eat eggs 3 times a week). Cut down on fatty animal foods, and you'll also become more physically fit.

If you eat animal flesh, your breast milk is 35 times more likely to be contaminated with pesticides (vs.vegetarian women). This compromises the health of your babies. And there's a 99% chance that your unhealthy breast milk contain(s) significant levels of DDT vs. 8% if you're a vegetarian.

If you care about the health of your babies, stop eating animal foods.

Burger Joints Have Redefined "Fitness" To Include Colon Cancer

True carnivores (like lions!) have short intestinal tracts, making them fit to eat animal flesh. However, in your long, windy human intestines, health-depleting animal flesh can ferment for 3 - 4 days, leaking unhealthy toxins into your blood stream. This makes you vulnerable to colon cancer. Your health and fitness are compromised, and you're tired because so much of your body's energy is spent on digestion. Animal foods deplete your health and fitness.

Salmonella Isn't Healthy Either

Chicken and eggs carry unhealthy salmonella bacteria, which contaminates their eggs from within, before the shell materializes. According to Time Magazine (Oct. 17, 1994), "The conservative estimate is that bad chicken kills at least 1,000 Americans each year." Chicken and eggs risk your health and fitness.

High Doses Of Pesticides And Drugs Don't Make Your Healthy Or Fit

Animal food pollutes your body with a high concentration of unhealthy pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and toxins. That's because the pesticides, etc. fed to these animals (in their grain and fish meal) become concentrated in their fatty tissues. Over 90% of all pesticides are found in meat, eggs, and dairy foods. Toxins fed to "food animals" are concentrated when you eat them. Animal foods deplete your health and fitness. By contrast, health-giving plant foods account for less than 10% off all pesticides consumed by Americans. (And organic plant foods are free of pesticides!) Plant foods build your health and fitness. Because food animals are pumped full of drugs, growth hormones, and antibiotics, animal foods also weaken your immune system. This can lead to yeast infections and drug-resistant bacteria in your system. Animal foods deplete your health and fitness.

Animal Foods Cause Osteoporosis And Compromise Your Fitness

Because they're so dense with protein, animal foods (including the ultra-concentrated albumin protein in egg whites) cause your blood to become acidic. In response, your body leaches calcium from your bones, and uses this alkaline mineral to balance the pH of your blood. Far from enjoying health and fitness, you could wind up with osteoporosis. The countries which consume the most health-depleting animal milk also have the highest rates of osteoporosis! Also, smokers with acidic bodies smoke up to 7 more cigarettes per day than smokers with alkaline bodies. Animal foods deplete your health and fitness.

Because fruits and vegetables are alkaline, they maintain the Ph balance of your blood. Because their clean proteins are mixed with oils and complex carbohydrates, they're absorbed at a slower rate. Also, because of their higher calcium/phosphorous ratios, your body can absorb much more of their calcium. (If you're a smoker, this will decrease your cigarette cravings because nicotine will circulate in your blood for a longer period.)

Health-Giving Plant Foods

Are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that supercharge your health and fitness, and protect you against cancer. They also protect your health and fitness with phytochemicals (like isoflavones) that inhibit cancer cell and tumor growth. And they can halt and even reverse artery damage, even if you've already had a heart attack. Plant foods build your health and fitness.

These are just a few of the benefits to making healthy changes to your lifestyle through adopting a vegetarian diet. To receive a new vegetarian recipe every week for free, click here and join our fun, online community now!

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