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Share your vegetarian recipes, and win the Abbey Award!

Now you can share recipes with out subscribers, and also have them considered for our Award! Please only send us recipes that you've created. If you're the author of a vegetarian recipe book, also include a brief pitch for your book and your Web site (if you have one). Then, if we publish any of your recipes, we'll include your information with the recipe.

NOTE: Since many of our subscribers are "strict vegetarians", we're most likely to publish recipes that are free of dairy products and eggs, as well as meat, fish, and other animal products (like lard). And since we like to promote healthy eating, we're more likely to share recipes that are free of white flour, white rice, and hydrogenated oils such as margarine.

Finally, we prefer recipes that use sweeteners like maple syrup, brown rice syrup, date sugar, and maple sugar - rather than cane sugars like white sugar, brown sugar, and Sucinat. Yes, these qualify as vegetarian, but we also want to promote healthy eating!

If you are ready to proceed, just click here to suggest your recipe now!

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