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Free Vegan Nutrition Guide
Find out how vegans get calcium, iron, protein, and Vitamins A, B12, and D.

Vegan Mastery Program
Discover how to thrive on a vegan diet, whip up delicious meals in 10-30 minutes, and stop being vulnerable to vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

What do healthy vegans eat in a typical day?

The secrets to enjoying beans without flatulence

Why do vegans add meat back to their diets?

Which fruits and vegetables have the most pesticide residues?

Which cereals and O.J. contain slaughterhouse byproducts? 

Music For Kids, Personalized With *Their* Names
Click here for the most unique gift on earth: a tape called "Animal Songs... 15 Personalized Songs For Children Who Love Animals". Now your kids, neices, nephews, etc. can literally hear their OWN names in songs! (And over 13,000 different names are already in stock, ready to be shipped.)

Foods & Supplements

Lori's Earth Friendly Products
Natural, delicious, healthy kosher products: Fiber Products, Soy Entrees, TVP, Kosher Cheese, Bakery Products, and more...

Coffey Break for Healthy Alternatives
A different kind of coffee break with Gerry and Ray Coffey. Disease-Free Living Through Fitness and Nutrition.

Baking for Health
Offering a variety of wonderfully delicious vegan baked goods and live food snacks. The perfect way to indulge a sweet tooth without compromising nutrition.

Books and Recipe Books

Sweet and Natural
The *definitive* recipe book if you want to bake sinfully scrumptious desserts using only wholesome ingredients. My favorite part is the section which compares the pro's and con's of virtually every type of sweetener. (Note: most of the recipes on our Dessert Recipes page came from this book!) If you'd like an autographed copy, and you don't mind ordering by check, you can order this book or find out more atwww.healingcuisine.com (the author's own Web site). To order over the Web with your credit card,click here.

A Taste Of Heaven And Earth

Prepare these delicious recipes, and your friends will hail you as a gourmet chef! With its Zen approach to cooking and eating, this book was nominated for the Julia Child Cookbook Award. Mostly vegan.

The Raw Gourmet

The Raw Gourmet - a full color, beautifully executed and comprehensive food book filled with source information and recipes for all occasions from simple to gourmet is truly all the novice or experienced raw fooder or vegan will ever need on their kitchen bookshelf.

Living Light Culinary Art Institute
Certification courses in the art of preparing healthy, gourmet, vegan, raw living foods. Cherie Soria, author of the Recipe Book Angel Foods, studies with Dr. Ann Wigmore and creates gourmet living cuisine for health and rejuvenation.

Living in the Raw
This book can change your life. Author Rose Lee Calabro lost 150 pounds of fat and cured a very sick body of cancer, cronic fatigue and gout. Learn how foods can heal the body and bring incredible joy into your life.

Dr. McDougall's Wellness Center
Click here to visit John A. McDougall, physician and nutrition expert, who has developed a nourishing , low-fat, starch-based diet that not only promotes a broad range of dramatic and lasting health benefits but can also reverse serious illness without drugs.

Books by Phyllis Avery
The Garden of Eden Raw Fruit and Vegetable Diet is just one of the many insightful, life-changing health and recipe books you'll discover on Phyllis Avery's site.

Micah Books
Vegetarian Judaism --A Guide for Everyone. Applying traditional Jewish principles to her analysis, Author Roberta Kalechofsky concludes with Rabbi David Rosen's judgment that it is now time to make vegetarianism into the new kashrut. Includes recipes and menus.

The Unique Cookery
The Unique Cookery unravels the mysteries of soy and natural baby food preparation, healthy substitutions, and guilt free recipes through classes, cookbooks, and presentations.

How it All Vegan
This 200 plus page collection is full of yummy recipes that anyone can make. Easy to prepare, made from easy to find ingredients. A fun and simple guide to becoming vegan.

Health, Fitness & Nutrition

See the rapidly growing backlash against the Dairy Industry, its disinformation for profit, and the hundreds of millions of dollars it spends to perpetuate the myth that a liquid from another species is 'nature's perfect food' for humans.

Specializing in health and success programs through delicious, energizing food principals, lifestyle balancing methods, and dynamic mental refocusing techniques.

Eat Sprouts
Sprouts! Wigmore! Sprouting! Wheatgrass! Get Free of Pain with Sprouts! Bargain Automatic Sprouter! Book, How to Heal with Living Foods!

Alternative Therapy
Fully qualified UK homeopath consulting online at a fraction of standard surgery costs

The Natural Manna
The Ultimate Nutrition Programme for good health, vitality and weight control.On Natural Manna not only can you lose weight, but those chronic niggling health problems that have haunted you for many years can become a thing of the past and you can experience a wonderful feeling of well being, vitality and vibrance.

Lifestyle Matters
a professional organization dedicated to helping people avoid the diseases plaguing our society today—diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s disease, and other dementia diseases.

My Body His Temple
A biblical guide to Christian nutrition and health. Nutritionist Kenny Loy uses the Bible to help the Christian become healthier by treating his body as the temple of God.

Weight Watchers Recipes
Member traded Low-Fat Recipes (not all vegan/vegetarian) with weight watchers point values.

Regional Groups & Resources

Vegetarian Dining in NYC-The original and authoritative source!

Vegetarians in Paradise
Los Angeles monthly internet magazine featuring vegan and vegetarian dining, shopping, and reading. Includes cooking advice, recipes, farmers' markets, and links to vegetarian sites.

Vegetarian Society of Richmond
This nonprofit, nonsectarian, educational organization dedicated to promoting vegetarianism through education, activities and advocacy. We seek to unite vegetarians and those interested in vegetarianism in the Richmond area.

Alt Pensacola
Links to Vegan and Vegetarian Resources in the Pensacola area.

The Chari Center of Health - San Diego, CA.
Natural Alternative Healthcare with a Personal, Caring Physician. We provide the highest quality,specifically tailored programs using proven, herbal remedies and effective mind/body techniques.

Hong Kong Vegan Society
A vegan group which welcomes anyone interested in a vegan lifestyle. Also information on veganism in Hong Kong.

Vegetarian Resources

Vegetarian Resource Group
The Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG) is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on vegetarianism and the interrelated issues of health, nutrition, ecology, ethics, and world hunger. In addition to publishing the Vegetarian Journal, VRG produces and sells cookbooks, other books, pamphlets, and article reprints.

Veggie Files - Real Life Tools for Veg Heads
The place for vegetarian product reviews, recipes and great tips for both vegetarians and curious meateaters. Also check out our booklet "Easy Ways to Eat More Soy".

Vegan Resources

AESOP: The Leather Alternative
Quality non-leather footwear and accessories for vegetarians, vegans and others who choose not to wear animal skins and are interested in purchasing cruelty-free products. Also featuring the user driven Worldwide Vegetarian Events Calendar for vegetarian, animal rights, holistic health, and pro-environmental events.

Vegan Products for a Cruelty-Free Lifestyle

Raw Foods

Living and Raw Foods
The largest community on the internet dedicated to educating the world about the power of living and raw foods.

Juice Plus

Providers of Blessings Alive and Radiant Foods and Living Food Workshops. 50% off your first class.

Animal Rights

The official Web site of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. PETA operates under the simple principle that animals are not our to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment.

Other Resources

Custom Orthotic Footbeds
Orthotic footbeds can help releive ankle, knee, lower back and foot pain, as well as increase performance in atheletic endeavors and everyday activities.

Wild Bryde
Ecology oriented, nature friendly manufacturer of beautiful jewelry based on nature and wildlife themes. Our Custom Design department can turn your ideas into jewelry.

Arise & Shine
Discover the natural way to create total health, high energy and vitality. The Best cleanse program on market.

The Cleanse
Healing Programs for Rejuvenation, Elevation & Renewal

Optimal Breathing
Breathing development, research, education, services, & products for superior health, peak performance & life extension.

The purpose of the famous vegetarians site is to demonstrate how widespread vegetarianism is becoming around the world. It's a fun site.

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